Acceptance is Part of Healing

Trying to creating healing in a judgement free comfortable environment.


Welcome to Brighthope Counseling LLC
Marc Prevette, MS, LPC, NCC, CST, CPCS

We all stand and cross roads in our lives. Do we take the path less taken or the well-worn path. These choices define how we live our lives and can sometimes be hard to change. That is where therapy can help.

Unlike roads in real life, the paths we choose in life we can not back track on. However, we can change them if we attempt to do so by changing our behavior or how we see issues. Lets start this process with a call or email to schedule an appointment.

General Information for 2022

Office Hours

Please note there are no emergency services offered at this location. If you are in Crisis or have an Emergency - Please go to the nearest hospital or call 911

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Typical Office Hours

Monday thru Thursday 10am thru 5pm
My schedule is based on appointments

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Presently we are paneled with several plans.

Please remember you are responsible for all payments required by your plan.

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I only offer telehealth services. If you need a face-to-face therapist. I will offer referrals if requested.

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HIPPA Compliant Telehealth and messaging

I presently use Simple Practice Telehealth software. It offers HIPPA and BBA agreements and presently meets all safety requirements. This software also allows secure messaging.  

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